Mystic Media Foundation Ministries

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Mystic Media Foundation in the community.
Minister Kristian with his (4) sons L-R, Sean,
         Joshua, Kristian, Jr., & Xavier.
       Rita Joye Gray and Congresswoman
              Eddie Bernice Johnson.
Mystic Media Foundation & Klyde Warren Park both celebrated our grand openings in October, 2012.
Klyde Warren, the child who the park was named after, is holding the symbol of unity at the ribbon joining ceremony connecting Uptown & Downtown Dallas.
        Minister Kristian and Philanthropist Ray Hunt.  
Minister Kristian, WFAA anchor John McCaa, &
                        Rita Joye Gray
Minister Kristian & Rita Joye Gray singing at Mayor Mike's 60th Birthday Party.

              Mystic Media Foundation Logo. 

   The eye in the sun represents the untapped                      potential inherent in ALL people. 

The hands represent our community of supporters

​   "Working in harmony brings out our highest                                 potential."

         Rita Joye Gray and Minister Kristian with 
    Sir Earl Toon of Kool and the Gang and YMO          Enterprises LLC.  We had fun entertaining the                crowd at the Love for Kids Foundation
                Disco Ball Fundraiser.
Minister Kristian and Rita Joye Gray with Dallas                     former District Attorney Craig Watkins