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      Our            Mission

 is to teach people the   Constitution of The United States Of America.

 Our foundation is rooted in the 3 band bond of Ecclesiastic Law, Common Law and International Law.

Our members learn through digital documentation and storytelling, the importance of knowing and articulating their God given rights as written into law by our forefathers and Ancestors.

 You can choose to share your stories on many different platforms. Audio and visual recording, print and/or ebooks, graphic art, spoken word, dance, coding,websites or digital movies.

 You will also be encouraged to dialogue and document current events, personal experiences and imaginative ideas that can be beneficial to helping our communities, our country and the world.

 Topics can cover any special interest story ranging from sports, arts, entertainment, education,family & philosophy.

 Each participant will be interviewed and placed with a certified mentor.  They will also receive thoughtful instruction from qualified professionals in the multimedia industry. 

 Our intention is to enable all people to develop the awarness and skills that lead to a creative, prosperous, happy life, for themselves and their families.
We are seeking out local and national professionals in the education and media industry to help mentor and guide our members.   MMFM's intention is to create sustainable jobs for the people in our community and a pathway to entrepreneural opportunities. Most importantly, we want to instill in people their unalienable, Creator given rights under the Constitution of The United States Of America.

Mystic Media Foundation Ministries nonprofit (501c3) in Dallas, Texas supporting truth in daily life using art, music & media technology.  Inspiring all people to nurture their creative capabilities through documenting and sharing relevant stories that help to preserve and protect our Constitution Of The United States Of America.

"If You don't know your rights, You dont have any rights !!!"
Our Vision

 Is to establish a  School and Church built on truth rooted in the principles of Ecclesiastic Law, Common Law and International Law.

  We will design a community where people can develop the skills and abilities necessary to build a solid foundation for meaningful careers in media, art and storytelling all while understanding the laws that protect their liberties.

  We will focus on creativity, our individual purpose in life, the healing of America, and protecting our Creator given rights.

  We intend on continuing to create limitless opportunities for people in America based on the literal and implied meaning of the United States Constitution Of America.    

We know that we will be victorious through the help and support of our beloved communities working together in harmony to support this noble action.

If You Don't Know Your Rights, You Don't Have any Rights!"
Never Give Up mp3
(feat. Mystic Media Student
Rajan Scott on background vocals.)
    "Never Give Up" is our theme song. It was written by Mystic Media's Founders and Directors, Minister Kristian Craige-EL Bey, Rita Joye Gray and Shedrick Scott.

Minister Kristian began writing this song to inspire his 4 sons and all people of America to 'Never Give Up' their right to be happy!

This song is sincerely meant to be a listening source of encouragement for everyone, especially our supporters. Please take a moment to listen to the message.                 

You can recieve a free download by  sending us a request in our message box above.  However, if you'd like to further support us, you can send a donation through our paypal.  All donations from digital downloads of this song will help to support Mystic Media Foundation Ministries' goal of purchasing state-of-the-art equipment and training. Either way, we will be happy to send you this encouraging song.

   Mystic Media Foundation Ministries Logo.
   The eye in the sun represents the untapped potential inherent in  
    ALL people. The hands represent our community of supporters
    who work together in harmony to bring out our highest potential.

  "The Universe is made of                  stories,  not of atoms."
             -Muriel Rukeyser,an American poet                                               (12/15/1913 – 2/12/1980)
 We are located inside the Art House Dallas Building.
        (In East Dallas, across from Wholefoods in Lakewood) 

                              2122 Kidwell Street
                                    Suite# 202
                            Dallas, Texas 75214
                                 (214) 909-0588
Thank You So Much !!!! :-)
​Click the play button to listen to "Never Give Up".
 At Mystic Media Foundation we realize if you don't know your rights, you don't have any rights! That's why we want to educate all people on the Constitution Of  The United States Of America,  the 3 band bond of Ecclesiastic Law, Common Law and International Law and how it all applies to daily life through storytelling and digital documentation.  We live in a time where many people are searching for truth and justice,  just as our forefathers did who started the United States Of America.  Our Constitution(common law) was created to form a government for the People, ran by the People.  The People always have and always will be the highest power in man-made law because we are the Beneficiaries of the contract(The U.S.A. Constitution).

Mystic Media Foundation serves our community through this website and we are currently developing content for our YouTube Channel.  We will teach classes on the 3 band bond of Ecclesiastic Law, Common Law and International Law and all public laws that aid in our independence and Creator given rights as Americans.  Mystic Media Foundation is a non-discriminatory organization where everyone is welcome to participate in dialogue and learning.

Our service is available to all people without regard to ability to pay.  All video training is free and we want to work with anyone who is willing to continually learn and grow their inner and understanding.

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